Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens
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Birth Day !

Day 1

At long last, after what seems like forever, on Bank Holiday Monday, Star gave birth to 5 gorgeous, fluffy, happy kittens.

I can't tell you what a nightmare it was with it being my first Siamese litter, I was so terribly nervous that as the imminent delivery approached, I felt physically sick!!! Luckily for me (and for Star!!) I had my friend and fellow breeder, Lesley on hand, who talked me through a lot of what was happening, managing to keep me 'relatively' calm.....

It all started on Sunday night when Star appeared to lose some brown liquid.. I am still uncertain what this was.. if anyone knows I would appreciate the feedback.... That night and the next morning - Monday, Star was very restless and clambered on me purring at every opportunity. I knew something was going to happen that day....

Neil made her a cozy little nest on the bed out of a baby quilt, which when she had a 'twinge' she gave a startled look and shot into it!!!

At 18.50 Star had a show and her waters appeared to break.. at 19.02 she had her first 'proper' contraction.. the poor thing didn't know what was going on... At around 19.40 a baby started to appear. Breech!!! I can't tell you how worried I was when I saw that it was coming out the wrong way!! However I was reassured by Lesley that this was perfectly okay... and it was... the 2nd kitten came hot on the heels of the first, then there was time for Star to give them a quick clean up before the next two 'appeared'.. at 21.25 the last gorgeous baby was born.. 5 in all!!!

We gave them around half an hour together undisturbed before we changed the very messy bedding and gave them some lovely warm fresh bedding to replace it.. reheated the microwave pad and encouraged the little pink faces towards Star's tummy instead of in all other directions!! Star greedily ate half a saucer full of chicken... that was obviously dessert after a main course of 5 placentas!!!!

I managed to get to sleep at around 11pm, and stirred to tiny squeaky mewing every 2 hours, i peaked my head in the bed each time and helped maneuver the kittens so they could latch on...


Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens