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Styperson Sparkleintherain

I am very grateful for Sparkles who is my lovely girl entrusted to me by Norma Palmer of Styperson Siamese and Orientals.

I had wanted a havana for sometime and decided to wait until the right girl came along.

Havana Orientals appear to be likes hen's teeth and its even harder to find one with the type I love, when Norma first sent pictures of Sparkles to me when she was only a few days old, she already looked promising, as the pictures came over the 13 weeks before she came to live with me I became more and more excited.

Sparkles first show was at the Maidstone & Medway Cat Club Show 2006, she was very nervous to begin with but as I left the show hall she had relaxed and was looking fabulous in her show pen. Sparkles showed Norma and I she was everything she had promised to be by gaining 1st and BOB in her open from Brenda Pearce and collecting a second in her large Siamese and Oriental side classes.

I am so proud of her as she was impeccably behaved all day and enjoyed being cooed at by the exhibitors and visitors to the show.

Please take a moment or two to look around Sparkles' pages.




Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens