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Star's 'Beatles' Litter
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Week 5

The Kittens are fabulous... Although Star keeps thinking they should be OUT of the kitten pen and not IN it... Star has found a place that is just perfect for her litter of Siamese Kittens... Under my dressing table!

I let them stay there until I go to bed, then they have to go in the pen at night, so they are safe and I cant step on one in the night!!!! It seems to be an understood compromise between Star and I.

The kittens are coming on in leaps and bounds.. they have reached their 'remote control car' stage as I like to call it.. where they run around with their little tails bolt upright like little remote control cars..... Although there is NO controlling these little characters!!

See this weeks pics below!!







Pepper is now reserved and will be going to live with Emma, Tim and beautiful baby Niemh

Both Girls have been reserved.

Meadow and Yesterday are Girls

Pepper, Berry and Subby are Boys


Please fill out my online kitten enquiry form if you are interested in one of the kittens, or look on where there is a list of available siamese kittens.


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Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese
Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens