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Week 4

Well into Week 4 now... All of the Siamese kittens are thriving and are well over the 300g mark. The Siamese kittens seem to be thriving in their house in the pen and whenever I go into my bedroom and call 'Hello Kittens' they all come out and meow at me!! They are so sweet.

Every night, Warren gets in the pen with them and plays with his lego whildt the kittens clamber all over him.. I think his favourite is Subby. I have taken some individual pics of them for you to see.


Pepper is now reserved and will be going to live with Emma, Tim and beautiful baby Niemh







Meadow and Yesterday are Girls (I think!)

Pepper, Berry and Subby are Boys (I think!)


Please fillout my online kitten enquiry form if you are interested in one of the kittens, or look on where there is a list of available siamese kittens.


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Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

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Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese
Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens