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Star's 'Beatles' Litter
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Week 3

The kittens are fabulous and are growing well.... The biggest of the litter is Pepper, the chocolate point boy, he had more than tripled his birth weight on day 14!!! Meadow seems to have caught up now and is about the same weight as all of the others.. except my podgy Pepper.....

I will have to move them into the kitten pen very soon, as whenever they hear me they start meowing frantically and want to get out of the basket.....



I have today moved the kittens into the kitten pen.. they were starting to try and get out of the nest and I was worried that one might get hurt or get cold.... They are still doing really well, although Star is a bit restless, I think she might be getting a bit bored.. so I went to the pet shop and bought her some new toys....

Ive just been up to take some pictures of them in their new home.. they seem really happy.. they have a heat pad in there with them and I have been keeping some heating on for them while they adjust to being in the open a bit more... they do seem to be taking it in their stride. My son, Warren got inside the cage with them this morning and they all came out and crawled all over him.... I think his favourites are Subby and Pepper.... Anyway.. I hope you like the piccies......Some of you may notice a pink theme going on!!





If you were wanting to book kittens from this litter and have already spoken to me via email or phone.. you need to contact me again as I had a computer breakdown this week and have lost your email addresses....


Please fillout my online kitten enquiry form if you are interested in one of the kittens, or look on where there is a list of available siamese kittens.


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Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese
Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens