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Star's 'Beatles' Litter
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Birth Day!!!

Friday 29th April 2005

Star had her babies today... all went well and we are the proud owners of 5 gorgeously, healthy babies.... Thankyou to Sharon of Withajay Siamese, Georgina of Mystic-Tree Siamese and Sue of Sensay Siamese for their intermittent phone calls during the birth... it was nice to chat whilst waiting for the arrivals!!

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures below, some aren't for the feint hearted!!



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Thursday 28th April 2005

Today is Star's due date, so I have decided to start her new kitten diary today. Star is confined to my bedroom during the week before her due date, so that she is safe and I know where she is, its also not possible for her to have her kittens wherever she likes in this house, owing to kids, cats and the dog!! Not only Star but the kittens would be in potential danger if I allowed that to happen.

Star is quite happy in my bedroom, she is eating loads of Whiskas Fishy pouches and has her nest, which she has started scratching up and about today.. hopefully it wont be long before she has her babies........... I hate waiting!!


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