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Star's 'Abba' Litter
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Week 5

Day 30

Kittens are all doing really well... No problems to report. Put the litter tray in the pen on Saturday afternoon and the kittens were using it by Sunday night... Quite amazing!!

I have put down some food for the first time today and we have some real interest, will monitor the situation closely although Star is looking as well as I have ever seen her, the kittens are really plump and happy enjoying lots of cuddles from the family. Missing from the picture is Cleary who has left for an explore of the bedroom!!

Day 31

Kittens are looking good today, they are desperate to get out of the pen, Bluey keeps trying to climb up the bars, which is really funny to see!!

They all seem to be using the litter tray and have started eating proper food. Star is looking fabulous! I wish I had looked that good after each of my pregnancys!!

Day 32

Very funny last night, when I go up to bed to watching television I let the kitties out for a run around, I put one of my spare pillows by the side of my bed, which Bluey started using as his own personal ramp to get up on to the bed!! As often as I put him back down on the floor, he shot back up!!! That kitten is soo noisy, he yowls his head off all the time!!

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Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese
Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens