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Star's 'Abba' Litter
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Week 4

Day 22

Everything is going well, have weighed the kitties this morning and they all have put on an ounce since yesterday which is fab! I definately think the move unsettled both Mum and babies. Last night I turned the cage on it's side so that Star could jump in and out of the top, not allowing kittens to wobble out of the door.. she seems very happy with this arrangement and spends more time in the pen than out....

Star has been playfighting with the babies, which fills me with dread when I see it, she looks like she is going to kill them.. I am assured that it is perfectly normal though!

I am putting a litter tray in the pen today and am going to attempt to feed the babies some sort of solid food.... watch this space!!!


Day 23

All seems well today, all feeding well off Mum... I have decided to wait before starting to ween the babies until the weekend, I can spend more time with them then, which as I am sure you can imagine, is such a chore!!

The kittens are adorable, they are so responsive, when you talk to them they talk back... each has it's own personality already, Blue without a doubt is the loudest of the lot.. Clear is the bravest and is out of the 'house' every opportunity he has, Greeny is still the littlest and Pinky appears to be the quietest, poor little Blacky is somewhere in the middle of it all!!

I am hoping a couple of the kitties are going to be quite 'typey'.. we shall see how things develop over the next few weeks!

Day 25

The kittens have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few days, when you go into my bedroom they all shoot out of their house, they desperately want human attention which is great, especially for when they go to their new homes.

The kittens had a bit of a play when I weighed them this morning, it was really cute, they ran around like remote control cars with their tails straight up in the air!! Star was not happy about the situation, she wanted them back in their pen!

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