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Star's 'Abba' Litter
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Week 3

Day 15

I went into see the kitty's last night and whipped off the quilt that covers the basket, I surprised one of the babies so much it spat at me!! It was so cute and so funny!!

All kittys have gained a good amount of weight in the last day or so and are starting to wobble about on their legs, it is so fascinating to watch.

I am going to have to start thinking about moving the kitties in their bed onto the floor, I wouldnt want them to climb out of the basket and then fall off the bed!!

I am wondering if I have yet another colour in the litter, there seems to be 3 very dark ones, one very light one and an inbetweeny!! We will see!

Day 16

I am a little bit worried about Greeny again, the scales I am using are kitchen scales so not very accurate for weighing kittens, but I think he/she has lost a tiny bit of weight since yesterday, he still has a bit of a sticky eye, so I will be going in and latching him on at every opportunity aswell as bathing his eye on a regular basis.

Very funny night again, Star decided it was 'moving day' again, and kept trying to put the kittens with me under the duvet, as often as I put cleary back, she would 'hoik' her out again and again... in the end I gave her some tuna to help her forget what she was trying to do, but then cleary decided to try and climb out, her little head kept appearing through the small hole in the nest!! It was very funny, I didn't sleep very well for fear of Star deciding to move them all into my bed in the middle of the night and then rolling on one... I suppose I should move them, but I don't want to!!

Day 17

Well what a nightmare we had last night!!! Having spoken to some fellow breeders, it was decided it was time Star and her babies moved off the bed... So I moved her and the babies into my ensuite, giving her a choice of 2 beds.... I put the purpose made door enclosure up which goes halfway up the door, only to leave the room and return 2 minutes later to a kitten in the bottom of my built in wardrobes!! No amount of persuasion was going to convince her the ensuite was a better choice... So Mum and babies are now living in the wardrobes.... last night was the most settled I think she has had and instead of mainly sleeping with me, she slept all night with her babies... So thanks Lesley and Kat for all of your advice!!! Apologies for the pic being so dark, its hard to get some decent natural light in there!!!

Greeny seems to have perked up again... The eye seems to have cleared up as well, I am going to continue bathing it for a couple of days, just to make sure....

Everyone is weighing in at a good rate, kitten enquiries are coming in thick and fast, I have had over 7 already this week!!

Day 19-Day 21

We've had shannanigans again over the last day, the kittens have decided dive bombing head first would be a good way to get out of the moses basket, I think not!!

I have had to resort to putting the kitties and Star in a pen so that they can't hurt themselves, but not one of them is happy about it. Within 20 seconds of moving the kitties into the box Neil had carefully put together, they were down the drawbridge (as Warren calls it!) wandering about, squealing away, Star was NOT happy and still isn't almost an hour later! I am concerned it wasn't the right thing to do, but will give it a few more hours!

The kittens are coming on in leaps and bounds, 2 of them were actually play fighting with each other.

The move has now gone really well, and all are happy with the new premesis.. weight seems to have dropped off quite a lot, but I am wondering if thats because of the move being a little unsettling.

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