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Star's 'Abba' Litter
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Week 2

Day 8

All the kittens have at least one eye open today, however two of the kittens have a bit of a sticky eye, so I have had to bath them. I hope it clears up fairly quickly. I have weighed the kittens today and we have really good weight gains again, 'Greeny' is now among one of the heavier kittens, which is a relief. 'Clear' seems to be the one putting the least on everyday, which is unfortunate because thats the one I think might be a different colour and would like to have kept, but another breeder told me it was always best to keep the strongest for breeding!! What a dilemma!

Star seems to be quite keen to leave the bedroom, although as soon as a kitten gives a squeak, she shoots straight back into the basket!

I noticed last night the kittens seem to be 'squeaking' less and sounding more like they are 'mewing', which is really sweet!!

Day 9

Star is fine.. was really funny last night, I was in bed watching television, I had taken the cover off the kitty bed, Star had got under my covers, and started to 'claw' me... she popped back out, then popped back in and started clawing again... it wasnt till she popped out again I realised it wasnt her scratching me, it was the kitties which she was meticulously placing under my duvet!!! I returned the moved babies to their bed and re-covered them... she stayed put then!!

My friend Lesley came to see the kitties yesterday and told me what lovely, round , healthy kittens they are, which is really good to know... I thought they were but its so hard to tell when they are your own!!

Day 11

All is still well.. although Star is increasingly restless. I let her have the run of the house tonight and she ran around like a thing possesed!!!

The babies are so gorgeous, I was cuddling one in bed a couple of nights ago and it tried to suckle my lip, which I thought was great, my husband was cringing!!!

All eyes are now open and I am very confident that 'Clear' is a different point... Blue maybe, but I think Lilac, although Lesley thinks it will still turn out to be a Seal point! Maybe we should put money on it and make it more interesting????

Day 13

Pinky seems to have a little discharge coming from his/her bottom area, which is causing me to worry a little bit... I have been bathing it with warm salty water twice a day and hope it will clear up, or we are off to the vet!! Although this is happening, she/he has been putting on weight at a good rate, as have all of the kittens, I am so pleased with their progress.

It says in the book I am using that by the 2nd week they should have doubled their birth weights, mine have already doubled them easily!!!

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