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Star's 'Abba' Litter
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Week 1

Day 1

Star got up at 6.15am and finished off the leftover chicken and a whole pouch of KiteKat, it was a long process hough because every time a kitten squeaked she had to go back and have a look!!!
I re-colour indicated the kittens this morning, as my non toxic, washable pen idea wasn't working and I couldn't tell which kitten was which, I have decided to use food dye, so all of the kittens are covered in all of the dye. which wasn't quite the plan!!!

Now the kittens have their own colours (and everybody else's!) I decided to weigh them again, Star nearly had a blue fit when I weighed one of the kittens and it screamed... she nearly knocked everything off the side and looked like she wanted to bite its head off!! All in all a bit scary..... I managed to calm her and weigh them all... they are all around 4oz....I think some have put on since last night.. certainly no one has lost....I sat and watched them feeding to make sure they were all latching on... 2 of them are little fighters and keep kicking each other away.. eventually order was restored and soon they were all suckling noisily and hungrily with Star purring contentedly looking like the cat who had indeed had the cream......

Day 2

Everyone was fairly well behaved last night..... although I have had some concerns over 'greeny' who seems to be pushed out of the way a lot during feeding..... Everytime I go in to see Star and her kitties, I make sure I latch this little one on and when I weigh him this afternoon, it seems to have paid off because he has gained nearly a whole ounce in 24 hours..... This was such a relief.. I am terrified of losing one!!!

When the kittens are sleeping, Star is now venturing out of her basket and coming for a cuddle or even just to sit on my bed for some peace and quiet!! As soon as a squeak appears from the basket, she hops straight back in though!!

Day 3

A good night again..... I did have to rescue a kitten from a clumsy Star sitting on its head though at about 2am!!!

I am having a sexing dilemma. I cant tell how many I have of each sex... on inspection I think I have 3 girls and 2 boys... but its so hard to be 100% correct.

I sent Lesley a picture of the kitties this morning and she thinks they are all Seal Points.. which is a bit disappointing as I was hoping for some other colours... oh well.. c'est la vie, at least they are all healthy at the moment!!

Apart from all of that, everything seems to be going okay, I gave my bedroom a really good tidy up today and am organized again, I am desperate to hoover but am going to wait till after the weekend....

Day 4

Another good night..... I was up at 4.30am to feed Finn and after putting him to bed watched the kittens feed for a while... I had to put 'greeny' on again.. I do worry about that little one... it seems 'clear' (!!!) is of the same ilk as he seems to get elbowed out a lot aswell..... The two of them are weighing in at just over 4oz's whilst the other three at clocking in at 5oz's plus!!! The main thing is that the two 'littlies' are putting on weight..... Three of the kitten's cords have come off over the last 24hours.

I am hoping that at least one of the kittens isn't a seal point as its ears aren't the same colour as the rest.. we will have to wait and see!!
This is a picture of the cute little Greeny... I will put a picture of each of them on over the next 4 days.......

Day 7

I haven't been able to put up any pictures due to a few computer problems!!! I hope I can make up for it by lots of pics today.....

The kittens are doing really well. I am almost positive (!!!) that I have one kitten that is not a seal point! I will hopefully keep that one if it is a girl...... Eyes have been opening over the last couple of days, although the kittens with 'eyes open' only seem to have opened one!! Bizarre! They are very endearing, I find myself trying to get up in my bedroom as often as I can just to sit and watch them.

All are putting on weight at a good rate. The biggest is 'Bluey' who is a whopping 7oz's today, the smallest are 'greeny' and 'cleary' who are holding their own at 6oz's. I am going to name the kittens this week, the theme is 'Abba Song Titles' due to a couple who are 'adopting' two of my babies, any suggestions via email are gratefully received!!

As you can see they are very cute.... Click here to see them all!!! Star is still being a good Mum, she hates me weighing and taking pictures, although she is getting used to it a bit more.

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