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Kitten Collection

On the day you collect your new baby, you will need to bring with you a suitable cat carrier, this does not mean a cardboard box or similar, this means a carrier intended for the purpose of enclosing cats safely. I will not let a kitten leave my house unless it is in an appropriate carrier.

There are some forms to fill in: A contract recommended by the GCCF, this is to be signed by myself and by the new owner, this contract is legally binding, as is the neuter form you will be given, which needs to be completd by your veterinary surgeon when your new kitten is neutered. The GCCF pink transfer slip will not be released to you until this neuter confirmation is received back to me, when signing the agreement you will be agreeing to this. New owners should be warned that the contracts are enforceable and unless adhered to may result in you losing your new kitten.

You will be given a kitten Information Folder containing:

- Microchip Registration
- Diet Sheets
- Full pedigree
- Care and Advice Sheets
- 6 Week Insurance cover note
- Worming and vaccination record card
- A copy of the signed agreement and the Neuter Form

You will also receive:

- Kitten’s favourite Toy

- Food sample

- Vouchers

...And of course your new baby!!!!

You will also have my full contact details; if you have ANY queries please get in touch, I am always here to help you.

I know it all sounds a bit officious, but please don’t be put off, I am a nice person and these kittens are most adorable, I just want to ensure they have the best homes, could that be with you?

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

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Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese

Kittens At Hubbell Siamese
Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens