Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens
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Hubbell Hoochiemama

Hooch is the daughter of the lovely Mylynn Missbossyknickers, when Boots was pregnant she was a lovely size and very healthy. Her due date came and went and Boots eventually went into labour on a August Bank Holiday Monday Morning. After some trial and tribulations the decision was taken for a casaerian. 4 kittens arrived, none breathing.

I worked hard for an hour with the veterinary nurse to get them all breathing and eventually took home 4 breathing kittens and a very drowsy Boots.

On day two I lost one of the kittens and on day six another, I was devestated and so worried for the remaining 2 babies.

The remaining two survived, one a seal tortie point Siamese named Monkey and one a Seal point Siamese, named Hooch!

Monkey has gone to live in Salisbury and Hooch has stayed here with us.

Hooch is a loving and greedy kitten and we all love her dearly. Hooch is not a show cat and we are unlikely to ever take her out on the show bench.




Hubbell Siamese Cats And Kittens