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My name is Anna and I live with my three children Warren 9; Gabriel 4; and Finn who is 2... We all live with our moggies and our beautiful Siamese breeding queens, Star, MissT, Boots, Hooch and Sparkles.

Sadly our faithful and loving friend Blu, our Golden Retriever died in 2005 from a stomach tumour, it broke my heart when she died, you can see how beautiful she was by clicking HERE

I started my love affair with Siamese cats when I was 11, I came home from Girl Guides one night to find a siamese kitten firmly rooted in my Dad's pyjama top (he was laid up with a bad back at the time!!) She was a little Lilac point and was only 6 weeks old... we had no idea at that time how dangerous it was to have a siamese kitten so young!! We were going on holiday for 3 weeks 6 months later so it was decided that we would go and get another from the litter so that the lilac point wouldn't be lonely.. We drove over to the 'breeder' and chose a blue point girl.

That day we named them LiLi and Tisha... how I loved those cats. If only we had known how dangerous it was to have a siamese cat at only 6 weeks old, within a week or so they contracted cat flu, who knows where from as we didn't have any other cats and they hadn't been out of the house, which only proves why a siamese cat mustn't be re homed before 13 weeks. Our vet told us Lili and Tisha would never survive, but after my Mum sitting up with them feeding them complan and baby food they pulled through! (Not that I would recommend this as a diet to any kitten!!)

They slept every night on my pillow, I adored them.. I used to go to school in my black uniform covered in white hair, I must have looked a state!! Lili and Tish used to be waiting for me when I got home from school. My life revolved around them. My friends used to phone me up so they could hear them growl down the phone!!

Lili and Tisha weren't allowed to come with me when I left home, and were eventually put down when I was 23, I still well up when I think about it.

I have pined for another Siamese since I left home, but have never managed to find one at the right time. Last year I found a breeder in Hastings willing to let me have a little girl on the active register, that's when Star came to live with us.

When Star turned a year it was time to take her to stud. After making a zillion phone calls I came across Lynne Studer, Mylynn Siamese, who is based in Winchester. Lynne is a GCCF Siamese judge and has been breeding for over 30 years. Lynne let me take Star to 'Rantipole Visigoth' a fabulous Seal Point who has sired many Grand Champions. They had a great 5 days together and absolutely loved each other. Star didn't need to make a return visit to Vissy, it became obvious very quickly that she was pregnant.

Lynne has been such a great help to me through the girl's pregnancies and during the kitten raising. Thanks Lynne!!

I kept a girl back from Star's first litter who we call MissT who has gone on to have lovely kittens.

I am a member of the The Seal Point Siamese Club and my prefix is registered with the GCCF.

In 2005 I started a Siamese Cat Chat board, called Hubbell Bubbell, it has been tremendously successful and shortly after its launch, I started Siamese Planet, which has exceeded all expectations thanks to my friends in the Cat Fancy, the support technical and otherwise from Neil and my friends.

I have shown Mylynn Missbossyknickers and Styperson Sparkleintherain over the last year and have had moderate success. I find showing to be more about seeing my friends and having fun than the competition itself, I find that to be an aside to the day. I have made many friends at shows and we can often be found in huddles or in the bar laughing until our faces hurt!

In November 2006, the GCCF asked me to be their press officer for The Supreme Cat Show. I was thrilled, delighted and proud to have been asked and of course accepted the role.

I am looking forward to 2007 as I am sure it will be full of challenge and excitement.

Blu The Dog


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