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Hubbell Siamese and Orientals is a breeder of Siamese and Oriental cats and Siamese kittens, we breed siameseand oriental kittens of all type, including 'classic'' and 'typey', for adoption by carefully selected, loving owners. This web site reflects our passion for the Siameseand Oriental breed and is for anybody who shares our passion and all those seeking to own and care for one of these fabulous Siamese cats and Oriental Cats.

I have owned and loved Siamese and Orientals for many years whilst living in Andover, Hampshire. We hope this site provides you with an insight into this wonderful breed and, in particular, the cats and kittens that call my house a home.

Hubbell Siamese and Orientals is a GCCF registered breeder and prides itself on breeding healthy, happy, contented and well loved Siamese and oriental cats and Siamese and oriental kittens of all type.

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Scan through our pages and you will find information, hopefully nothing too boring, and many, many photographs of our beautiful Siamese Queens, Oriental Queens, and gorgeous Siamese and Oriental kittens.

My links page has many Siamese Cat breeders and Pedigree Cat Breeders from all over the country and some of the main Siamese cat clubs for the breed. You can also find a link to the Hubbell Bubbell web site where you can Siamese Cat Chat with friends and fellow Siamese Cat breeders and Siamese Owners and see pictures of many other siamese cat types and colours - there are even discussions on Siamese cat names..

You can check our Siamese Queens or Siamese Kittens Pages which are regularly updated with details of Siamese and Oriental Kittens available for sale. We always aim to be a friendly and helpful Siamese and Oriental breeder, whether you're searching for that special Siamese or Oriental kitten or just need some help and advice.

Whatever brings you to Hubbell Siamese and Orientals we hope that you enjoy our site and the Siamese cats, Oriental Cats and Siamese and Oriental kittens we cherish so much.........

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